Sound risk management, highly effective marketing

For your business, EMIRAT AG has appealing contests and unique sales promotions to offer, and it provides coverage for them at the same time.

With its sophisticated risk management, EMIRAT AG can assume the financial risks of all kinds of promotion campaigns that might prompt a bigger response than you had bargained for – including tipster games, lotteries and sport bonuses.

EMIRAT AG can also advise you if you’re planning below-the-line contests, and it protects you in the event of the winnings exceeding what you had budgeted for.

Our skills

  • Designing individual marketing campaigns that attract wide attention, including all the coverage each one requires.
  • Providing sound advice on planning marketing campaigns and handling customer-response promotions.
  • Professionally assessing and calculating the probability of there being a prize-winner.
  • Hedging the financial risks, handling customer-response campaigns and prize distribution, and verifying winners’ claims.
  • Using safety mechanisms for averting fraud attempts, e.g. security server.
  • 24/7 availability throughout your campaign.
  • Absolute discretion towards all our clients.

Your advantages

  • Financial reliability: no matter how much has to be paid out in prizes – you only pay the fixed amount calculated in advance.
  • Greater awareness; you attract wide attention by offering big cash winnings or other appealing prizes, e.g. a dream home or premium vehicle.
  • Simple but effective: our promotion campaigns are easy to stage and quickly grasped by anyone taking part.
  • Novel ideas: innovative concepts and individual below-the-line campaigns make you stand out from your competitors.
  • Accumulated know-how: you can benefit from our years of experience in staging marketing contests and doing risk management.
  • More time for your key business – EMIRAT AG is a one-stop shop, offering you full service from the initial idea right through to risk coverage.