“For our sports promotions at the events we hold for listeners and customers, we at ANTENNE MV are pleased to commission EMIRAT regularly as risk manager.”
Robert Weber, Director of ANTENNE MV
“In our view, insurance coverage for the prizes offered in contests is a sensible addition to our own range of services. After all, if in any ordinary cooperation a car can be offered as a prize, then in addition to that car, which is realised on a co-op basis, two more – or even a top prize of a pre-fab home – can be offered simply by insuring the winnings. Now that really multiplies the amount of attention the promotion gets several times over, and the client doesn’t take any risks because if there’s a winner, EMIRAT pays out the prize.”
Andreas Rost, General Manager of our cooperation partner poncet.rost marketing partner
“The golf tournament was a heated event – in the truest sense of the word! With temperatures soaring to about 35°, the excitement built up at Hole 14: the prize for a hole-in-one was a modern 2-room apartment worth EUR 200,000! After all, the prize had to be on a level with the sponsor’s image. There was no let-up in the excitement right up until the last stroke, because every single player wanted to seize the realistic opportunity. Even now, the surrounding clubs are still talking about this unique event! So we achieved the goal we were after. We should like to thank EMIRAT for its excellent cooperation throughout our contest. If we hold a similar promotion – or any other for that matter – EMIRAT will be our partner again.”
Stefan Schäfer, General Manager of Dürrschnabel Industriebau GmbH, Emmendingen