EMIRAT AG prioritises protection with global technology patent application for RNG WorldWide 16. April 2019 — Following a landmark partnership with RNG WorldWide in 2018, EMIRAT AG has doubled down on its goal for enhanced integrity and security in lottery with a recent patent application from the WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organization for RNG’s fully certified API solution. Read more... ... more

Around the world in 80 lotteries!

Casino Review: 05. March 2019 — As one of the most versatile and popular gaming sectors in the world, the key to an exciting and engaging lottery is often down to its personal approach...and an eye-catching jackpot of course. Bringing her own individual touch to the world of lotteries, Marisa Rusche, Head of Projects/Lotteries at EMIRAT AG, the world's leading risk management specialist in covering lottery jackpots, provides read

EMIRAT AG set to drive lottery sector’s global growth at ICE London

London, 03. February 2019 — Continuing its ongoing strategy to enhance the profitability and stability for lotteries all over the world, EMIRAT AG has confirmed it will be using its presence at this year’s ICE London to drive the acquisition of secondary lotteries, help develop lottery start-ups and preview its expansion plans for the United States at the upcoming ICE North America in May. Read more... ... more

State vs. Secondary: EMIRAT AG calls for enhanced lottery collaboration 08. January 2019 — ‘The future of lotteries and player behaviour is not about which is best, it’s about achieving a synergy between state and secondary’ is how Ralph Clemens Martin, CEO at EMIRAT AG has described his company’s attitude towards the growing impact of secondary lotteries as online gambling continues to rise. Talking ahead of this year’s ICE London, Martin explores why covering jackpots is key to ... more

Emirat AG forms RNG WorldWide partnership 05. December 2018 — Emirat AG, the specialist for removing financial risk from operators offering high jackpots, has invested in its ambition to deliver clarity and security to lottery games across the globe by joining forces with random number generator provider RNG WorldWide. Read more... ... more

Playing the odds: How the thrill of EMIRAT AG’s marketing games are spreading the risk in global gaming 26. November 2018 — With North America, Africa and Latin America all primed to open new doors for sports betting, lotteries and the multitude of possibilities which come with them, the importance of providing new, exciting and intuitive ways to engage customers and minimise risk are at the forefront of international operators minds. Not content with providing world-leading risk management cover for some of the ... more

Diversity is the key for African lotteries states

iGaming Times: 08. October 2018 — With demand for lotteries soaring among many African markets, EMIRAT brings a unique marketing strategy that helps operator find scale while maintaining their differentiation. Andrea Bargholz talks to Casino Review about the process.   Read more... ... more