Prize contests on the air: EMIRAT provides a safe playing field on the radio

Prize contests on the air: EMIRAT provides a safe playing field on the radio

München, 27. February 2015 —  

Coverage provider for prize contests develops radio promotions and bears the financial risk for these marketing initiatives

From the classic birthday game to the banknote game to the radio lottery or bingo - there are virtually no limits for marketing initiatives on the radio. EMIRAT AG is a risk management specialist who supports radio stations and companies in the development of such campaigns as well as their financial coverage: In the event of a win or high response rates EMIRAT will take care of the payout.

Numerous radio stations and companies rely on EMIRAT to gain listener attention, for example, and to increase ratings. The risk management specialist from Munich guarantees the overall financial coverage of the promotion and payout of the awarded prize in case of a win. Preparatory measures include consultation and risk assessment, idea creation and conception of a campaign.

Safe and predictable on the prize contest wave: with Lotto, Bingo and Co.

The promotional options are diverse and in the broadcasting world include, among others, tip games for the European Soccer Championship, lotteries, creative birthday games etc.

For example, a radio lottery could be designed as follows: A radio station offers a "second chance" after the daily drawing of the state lottery numbers. To participate, listeners can state their numbers that did not win the lottery the previous day. If the numbers of a listener match those of the radio lottery, he will win the jackpot that corresponds to the value of the previous day's state lottery.

The radio station will also gain listeners during campaigns such as radio bingo. To play this game, listeners receive branded bingo cards via email, postal mail or at a certain location. The radio station announces the bingo numbers that participants must mark on their game card after every song on the respective promotion day. If a listener has completed a row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) he must call the station immediately and shout "bingo" in order to claim the winning prize.

These measures can also be associated with off-air promotions such as virtual safe games at POS etc. The radio station achieves budget-friendly effects such as attention, new listener target groups and higher ratings. The result: a high number of participants with low risk.