Events - Promotions for attracting publicity

Pop concerts, sporting events and big shows are an ideal platform for advertising to specific target groups – to attract attention, place advertising messages, or open up new groups of customers. For instance, goal-wall shooting in the football stadium or rapid fire at an ice hockey match can be usefully integrated in marketing strategy. No matter whether firms take major events such as the World Championship as an opportunity to stage a promotion, or plan their own event in cooperation with EMIRAT – our risk management concept provides all-round coverage.


How it works

If Italy becomes world champion, all the customers who went out for a meal at a particular Italian restaurant during a pre-defined period get their money back on submitting the receipt. A promotion campaign along these lines could be planned for the up-coming World Football Championship.

Calculating marketing campaigns by the EMIRAT AG

PR effect

Money-back guarantees are a huge incentive. This kind of campaign promises bigger turnover, boosts customer loyalty, and ideally attracts new customers. On top of which it generates awareness and creates enjoyment for the guests.

Recommended prizes / prize management

EMIRAT provides advice, assesses the risk and insures the money-back campaign.

Target group

Wide range; restaurant-goers