FMCG – Marketing hit for consumer goods

Boost turnover without taking risks: EMIRAT knows how to carry out money-back guarantees, couponing and point collecting promotions. “Money back if you’re not fully satisfied” – that could be the advertising slogan for a new shampoo. Campaigns like this give an incentive to buy and substantially increase rotation of various consumer goods. As a risk management specialist, EMIRAT not only develops the idea, designs the concept and carries out the campaign, but also provides coverage. This enables firms to open up new target groups and improve sales without being hit by an unexpectedly good customer response.



"Money back if Germany wins the World Football Championship” or “Money back if you’re not fully satisfied” – those are the new advertising slogans being used by brand manufacturers. This kind of promotion harbours financial risks, because of the impossibility of predicting the customer response; EMIRAT provides coverage for those risks.

Reduce the risk of customer-response campaigns with the EMIRAT AG


Huge advertising effect. The organiser gives customers a firm promise in relation to its product. The idea is easily communicated and understood e.g. in an existing sales promotion or by launching a new advertising campaign.

Empfohlene Preise & Preismanagement

EMIRAT provides advice, assesses the risk, and covers the customer response risk.