EMIRAT insures prize-winning contests and pays out the prize being offered if there is a winner. This means that without putting pressure on their own budget, casinos and online game portals can do special promotions to achieve important objectives such as retaining regulars and finding new clientele. Casino operators and event organisers can thus now offer attractive further opportunities for making extra winnings, making them stand out from more conventional casino concepts. EMIRAT also designs and conducts numerous other rewarding gaming campaigns for businesses, such as scratch cards, lotteries, bingo, etc.



The e-vault has been specially developed by EMIRAT itself, and it is one of the most novel and diverse gaming tools available. The locked safe offers lots of ways of attracting more attention from your target group, and it lets contestants take an interactive part in your sales promotion. For example: each contestant can try its luck at cracking the code of the glass vault, by using its own lucky numbers and entering a 6-figure combination in the lock. If the combination matches the winning number programmed beforehand and if the glass safe opens, the contestant wins the prize being offered, e.g. EUR 100,000.

E-Vault developed by EMIRAT AG


Cracking the code of a safe is a highlight for any contestant in a campaign offering prizes. With the e-vault, contestants can experience the thrill of trying to use their very own lucky numbers to do just that. This is an interactive promotion campaign that attracts wide attention and creates more customer contacts.

Empfohlene Preise & Preismanagement

EMIRAT provides advice, assesses the risk, and covers the prizes being offered.


Visitors to trade fairs, fans of interactive games