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Games offering attractive cash winnings or other prizes attract attention and increase range. But offering big prizes also harbours financial risks if the campaign is not insured. EMIRAT provides coverage for promotions in all the media – radio, television, online and print – aimed at attracting a wider audience or bigger circulation. For this, the “Bank Note Game” or the “Birthday Game” are popular formats. Other successful ideas for games staged in the media include online lotteries, locked safes and scratch cards – EMIRAT sees campaigns safely through all the media.



At various locations covered by a radio broadcaster, everyone who fills in a postcard with their personal particulars and date of birth has a chance of winning EUR 100,000. A few days later the name of a participant who has registered is drawn, and that person is called live during the programme. The listener gives his or her date of birth, and if it is the same as the date in the security envelope, then that listener wins the prize. There are lots of variations on this idea and it can be adapted in any number of ways.

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Everyone has a birthday – so this contest addresses a huge target group. The radio channel profits from listener loyalty and gets new fans into the bargain.

Empfohlene Preise & Preismanagement

EMIRAT provides advice, assesses the risk, and covers the prizes being offered.


Wide range; radio listeners