Special – Customised contests

Brand manufacturers, dealers and service providers generally aim to distinguish themselves from their competitors. Insuring prizes in games and contests is a wise strategy for promoting sales or attracting attention, and it helps a firm to stand out in markets where competition is tough. EMIRAT’s portfolio features novel ideas and innovative concepts, as well as contests and promotions that are specially designed to suit an individual purpose. EMIRAT operates as a one-stop shop and provides a full range of services – from the initial idea to the assumption of risk.



For example, if the temperature averages 7°C in October, November and December respectively, all the customers registered with the tyre dealer are refunded the price they paid for their winter tyres. Specific locations for temperature readings are fixed, so that the campaign can be held over as wide an area as possible. Each buyer can then choose one of those locations.

Insure weather and tire marketing campaigns with the EMIRAT AG


“Steer clear and use winter tyres at temps below 7°C” – this tyre specialist’s golden rule can produce cash for customers, whilst attracting attention and having a good advertising effect for the organisers at the same time. This way, a tyre dealer can start boosting sales even in the spring.

Empfohlene Preise & Preismanagement

EMIRAT provides advice, assesses the risk, and covers the prizes being offered.


All drivers and tyre dealers