Sport – Pitching on the pitch

Football, cycle racing or any other events featuring stars from the world of sport are the perfect starting line for successful promotions. Particular groups can be specifically targeted, and in combination with big cash winnings and attractive prizes the positive effects can be boosted even more. Now you can turn the popularity of sport to your own advantage and use it for your own advertising message. EMIRAT creates and insures individually designed promotions involving any aspect of sport, and covers the financial risks. Use our ideas to collect addresses, boost sales, or simply attract more attention.



“You’re just a stroke away from being a millionaire!” – that could be your next press announcement! Simply offer a valuable prize or a jackpot at a par-3 hole at your next golf tournament; the guests attending can win it in a single stroke, simply by getting a hole-in-one at that par-3 hole.

Insure promotion at sports-events


The interaction in this game hugely increases the appeal of your whole golf tournament. The contestants get immediate results and a winner emerges straightaway. This idea is also suitable for golf events held for charity.

Empfohlene Preise & Preismanagement

EMIRAT provides advice, assesses the risk, and covers the prizes being offered.


Contestants in golf tournaments.