Prediction Coverage

Prediction Coverage is the perfect way of covering tipster games and bonus pay-outs in the world of sport.

EMIRAT insures campaigns that involve predicting some future event, e.g. sports results, share prices, weather conditions or election results. If the predicted occurrence actually happens, EMIRAT hands over the prizes or pays out the winnings agreed in advance. As a risk manager, EMIRAT also covers bonus payments for firms or clubs.

With Prediction Coverage, discounts or money-back guarantees can be offered to customers and consumers in promotion drives that are tied to a certain event and attract wide attention. If the event actually happens, EMIRAT pays out the amounts the company has promised.


Insure the risk of customer-response campaigns with the EMIRAT AG

Prediction Coverage can also be used for insuring premiums paid out to sportspeople or clubs on achieving a certain ranking.

Before the marketing campaign is launched, EMIRAT calculates the probability of there being a winner to ensure cost reliability and transparency. Prediction Coverage enables organisers to offer huge winnings for a relatively small premium.